Monday, August 30, 2004

Week One and Beyond

Week one of pre-production has come and gone. It was a week spent meeting with our cast members individually and going over aspects of their respective characters. I, for one, was totally impressed by the level of preparedness that was brought to these meetings. It makes it a lot easier for me, working primarily as a writer, to put that much more effort into future episodes. The other thing that I found myself thinking more than once was how much I was anticipating getting all of these people in the same room working on scenes together and seeing the chemistry really happen.

The big news is that we've got our big seven as far as the cast goes. It's as follows:

DEANA EVANS- Givani Favara
PAUL BILTMORE- Branden Maslonka
NIKKI DIRISIO- Chelsi Hartness
HALEY SCHUERMAN- Ann van de Walle
TATE EVANS- Martin Kenna

We've also got much of our supporting cast, as far as the first three ep's go.
CHRIS BENSON- Ja'le Youngblood
TESS TAYLOR- Michelle Schrage

That's a lot of news, so I hope I'm not letting it all go at once. Week 2 is going to be spent securing locations, polishing scripts, and setting up that all-important group rehearsal. We are also in the preliminary stages of designing (don't go there yet, you'll just get an ad for web hosting), which will be our base camp where our soon-to-be viewers can watch the episodes and meet up with other viewers and discuss what they just saw.

I'm really looking forward to getting this all going and getting it out there to feel the love/wrath/cold indifference of the viewing public. Three weeks and counting!

Saturday, August 21, 2004

This is just a test

Dan and I are just getting into the meat of pre-production. We're currently shoring up our cast and crew; securing locations; and, perhaps most importantly, hitting up local merchants for food so we can actually feed the people that become a part of the project.

Oh, I guess I could mention the project itself. We're trying something a little different than what we've done in the past. Rather than just a three-week shoot and eight-plus months of post to churn out a 90-minute feature, we're going for a episodic piece to be distributed solely by the internet. It's called "Evans' America" and it follows six idealistic post-college twenty somethings as they try to cut through the established system of governmental politics, preaching the "Politics of what really matters." It's something totally new for both of us and the challenges have been pretty cool thus far. This is very character-based and drawn from issues that are in the news and concern us personally.

Keep coming back and we'll keep posting !

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