Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Your attitude is welcome welcome

Yes, with the helpfull hand of Scotty C, I am officially a blogger. It is long overdue. The website is up and this web series of ours called EvansAmerica is now a reality. We just wrapped with our first block of shooting which consisted of a six day marathon of sure filmmaking genious. I will try to summarize as briefly as possible, for more in depth production journals for each day visit our "behind the scenes" page. Overall, we couldn't have asked for a better start, no hitches, and things are rolling along smoothly. The cast has been terrific and the crew is working together quite nicely. Two of our character shorts (Haley and Tate) should be up within a week or two to give everyone a peak into the show and a taste of what is to come. Take care and come back soon!


First Weekend of shooting!!!

Can you feel the excitement through my excessive use of exclamation points? I hope so, otherwise I'd feel a little awkward...

Anyways, it was a big weekend in the growing history of EvansAmerica. Let me start with the official launch of Though, if you're reading this, it's probably through the link from the aformentioned website... so... um... If you haven't already bookmark that sumbitch and check back frequently as we will be sneaking on goodies (or baddies depending upon your opinions of us and our work).

Also I'm going to be joined on the blog space very soon here by none other than director/creator/exec producer/blah/blah/blah Daniel B. Iske himself!!! <--More excitement!


Monday, September 20, 2004

three days and counting

Well, technically minus one day and counting. Sunday was spent shooting promotional stills of the cast that will be available on the website (which should be up in the next week-- SPOILER: It looks good so far). The afternoon/evening of Sunday was spent shooting our first character short for the character of Tate (played by Martin Kenna).

Official production on Evans America begins on Thursday night (Whoo-hoo!), we are shooting Thursday through Monday. At last pre-production is coming to an end and production is here! Though this will be different than past project we've done, as we will always be in pre-prod for the next episode, it will be nice to actually be able to show our stuff off to people and have it be a "real" thing rather than just this hair-brained idea we have floating in our heads.

That's all for now. Come friday we'll be shooting!

Monday, September 13, 2004

I luv my gunn

Today the assault weapon ban expires and inspite of all of the pleading of various police chiefs across the country, congress is not even scheduled to debate this. I understand that there is due process in the legislature and only so many issues can be addressed, but this seems to be a fairly hot button topic and the fact that it is not even being debated is deplorable. Say what you will about second amendment and crime reduction (I'm not well versed on either side of the issue, but I have a definite lean), but this is a debate that needs to be had. Once again we are faced with issues that have huge potential impact on society and the American People are served a good helping of Swift Boats, Purple Hearts, Forged Memos (alledgedly), and an E-bay-less Economy. Now I remember why I voted Nader four years ago.

-originally posted by "scotty c"

Sunday, September 12, 2004

Inching closer

Had our first group rehearsal last Monday. Dan and I split up and worked with cast members on separate scenes, so while I did not see the entire cast work together, I did get to see certain scenes played out.

And I was impressed. There were people I hadn't seen yet (stupid school/work/other stuff) who really rocked within the scenes I saw. Perhaps even more heartening than people reading lines well was the fact that everyone really got along well. With an ensemble piece, chemistry was going to be key and I think I was more than a little worried that people weren't going to "get" each other, but I think that was just an extraneous concern by a worry-wart (this will become more apparent in later posts).

So group rehearsal was last Monday. Several locations have been confirmed. And a couple days have even been scheduled. Translation: We are actually going to get out of this hell called pre-production!!! Whoo-hoo!

As for next week: More location work. We are in negotiations for a pretty big location which would be great if it worked out. So keep your fingers crossed for us(hell, toes too, you can never be too sure). We're also finalizing shooting scripts for ep's 1 through 3. Dan and I have also started work on ep's 4 and 5. Also we're going to start casting our guest characters next week (not really start, but we're really going to concentrate on it this coming week).

And the bad news? The bad news is there is no bad news!

Here's to keeping the ball rolling.

That's all for now

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