Friday, August 26, 2005

Webisode #5 Now Available To Download

It's up early as promised folks.

Click here to go to the download page.

The file is a little bigger than the others since the webisode clocked in at 49 minutes so expect it to take about 15-20 minutes to download.


Friday, August 19, 2005

Webisode #5 Launches In One Week!

The first season of EvansAmerica will finally continue next Friday, August 26th with the launch of an all new webisode. We're going to put the show up on the site a little earlier than usual, so by mid-afternoon it should be available to download.

To watch the BRAND NEW trailer for EvansAmerica, right click and "save target as" here, to download to your computer.

Webisode #5 "Class Warfare"
When the mayor of Kansas City announces he will unveil his new "poverty reforms" on a local nightly newcast, the group plans to disrupt his gameplan because they feel his proposals are disingenuous. During a weekend getaway put together by Dr. Vallone, they reveal to him the extracurricular activities the group partakes in, much to his surprise. He agrees to help however, and their complicated plan is put in motion, which involves Dee Dee seducing the mayor's son. Tate is none to happy about the arrangement and takes out his anger and jealousy on Deana. Meanwhile in New York, Nikki arrives home for a short visit with her parents only to realize she has really parted ways in her views she used to share with them and that she doesn't seem to fit in anymore.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

BEHIND THE SCENES: Tuesday, Aug. 2, 2005

To view the complete photo gallery click here.

Director's Journal:
Our last official production day on webisode #5. We still have a few insert shots to get, but those are always the easy stuff. We ventured out to Ginger Cove lake, about 10 miles outside Omaha to my Uncle's lake house. The location is great and his house is sweet, so I had been waiting to call in that favor and shoot there for a long time now. We had three scenes to shoot totaling 8 1/2 pages. And about six hours to do it in, no pressure, right? Luckily I had the veteran crew trio with me, James, Wendy and Tyson so we moved fluently in between setups. James rode with Chelsie on the way to the location with the camera and got our car shots we needed which saved us time. Our first scene was a pretty simple two page scene and we got through that quickly and moved to our big 4 page scene out on the deck. Great shots overlooking the lake, and the audio wasn't too bad as the boats were sporadic. It was a tough dialogue scene so we needed alot of rehearsal but Chelsie and Janell did a great job once we were rolling. We moved back inside for the last scene of the night and it took us a bit to get the lighting down in the kitchen. Beau had a lot of different little lights in the background which played well in the shots. The funniest story of the night was that Chelsie was getting voicemails from this guy she didn't know, so during a break, she called the guy back who was talking to her like he knew her, but she had no idea who he was or how he got her number. She finally told him to please stop calling, I know all of this because she had turned the speaker phone on so we could all hear, but when she hung up, she didn't actually hang up and we proceeded to make fun of the guy with the phone right there on the counter. I then mocked the anonymous guy when he asked "what are you doing", then in my best Chelsie voice, "oh just on set filming....and it's hot". When all of a sudden, the guy's voice broke through our laughter..."hello?" her phone was speaking! Oh shit, it's still on, he's been hearing everything we've been saying. Needless to say he probably won't be calling again or he will be calling even more because he's joined our neighbors in thinking we're making porn.

Behind the Scenes Video:

(Quicktime is needed to view movies, click here to download free version if you don't have it)

*Filming at Ginger Cove.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

CNN making good on their promise

Well CNN hasn't completely given up on sensational non-news stories like Natalee Holloway and the missing cruise guy, but after the Michael Jackson circus, CNN prez Johnathan Klein made an executive decision that his network would go back to actually doing hard hitting news and in depth journalism regardless of the ratings. We'll see how long it lasts, but I have to say he is actually following through on his pledge. Their coverage in general has been focused on politics, the shuttle mission and other worthy news. Anderson Cooper has really been the one to step up to the plate, he is in the country of Niger filing reports and spending his whole show devoted to what is happening in that country like it is in many other African countries.

Unlike Greta Van Sustren on FoxNews who is supposed to be the one liberal on that network has spent the last 50+ shows, all 60 minutes of each night in Aruba covering the Holloway story. Every second is devoted to this one unfortunate incident. Two to three babies were dying right during Cooper's segments before he could even finish the story. Dying from something that actually CAN be prevented given the resources. Nothing can be done for Holloway, she's dead, and I hope that Vandersloot kid gets life in jail, but come on, nothing has really developed in that story for weeks. It just goes to show that Fox doesn't really give a shit about anything but ratings, I hear Sean Hannity bitch and bitch about Iraq and how the war was worth is because we needed to help the people, and the mass graves. Hey Sean, there's lots and lots of mass graves in Africa, how about we go after that terrible figure, he's not Saddam, he's hunger and aids. Let's get fired up, wave that American flag and kick its ass, whatcha say Sean. Oh that's right, you don't give a shit, you really don't care about the people of Iraq, you just don't want the liberals to be right that the war was based on WMD lies. This is why I can't stand people that are such hypocrites like Hannity and others. If they truly did care they'd spend a segment talking about it, just one show about what people can do for those suffering in Africa. If Iraq is worth all these lives and money, surely other countries are as well.

So watch CNN, go to for your news and read about what's going on in Africa. And most importantly visit a humanitarian site and pledge some money, it's money well spent, just a little bit even helps. I know this is sappy, but whatever, I don't care, it's too important, just please do it. UNICEF and CARE are very good organizations where you can trust your money will make a difference. Thank you.

Monday, August 01, 2005

BEHIND THE SCENES: Sunday, July 31, 2005

Director's Journal:
Today we were at the club "Shag" to film some bar scenes from the fifth webisode. I had never been there, Parks had scouted and negotiated the location, but I was very impressed, it's quite different and very colorful. Kind of a half vintage half upscale dance club mix that was quite unique. We picked the couch area I want to use as our main setup and off we went setting up the dolly and lights. Being in a bar setting, I was able to use some funky colors through combinations of gels, and we lit up the glass bar rack behind the action as well which looked very cool. It was an old school today as well as Melanie Connealy (formerly Gillis) from that old blockbuster "The Dean's Boys" made her debut in our show today. And it was fun to work with her again, probably quite a difference from the last time we worked together when she had to fake vomit to death and be carried around pretending to be dead being dropped and stuffed into closets. Newcomer Jeremy Holan also had his first day today and did just an excellent job as the Mayor's son who is the antagonist in this episode. Lara, Mel and Jeremy all worked together very well and scenes came off just as I wanted them too. I also was able to pull off my stylish little slo mo intro for the girls as well even though that needed the most rehearsal to get the dolly timing and their walking speed synced up. We wrapped, tore down and loaded up and as I was getting into the van to drive home, it was exactly 3:00pm which was our scheduled wrapped time. I'm going to say it again folks, it's getting scary how on the dot we're hitting our wrap times. I will say this, the whole cast and crew scheduled for today all arrived within 10 minutes of the 11:00am call time, I think that's a first. So gold stars for all.

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