Monday, September 13, 2004

I luv my gunn

Today the assault weapon ban expires and inspite of all of the pleading of various police chiefs across the country, congress is not even scheduled to debate this. I understand that there is due process in the legislature and only so many issues can be addressed, but this seems to be a fairly hot button topic and the fact that it is not even being debated is deplorable. Say what you will about second amendment and crime reduction (I'm not well versed on either side of the issue, but I have a definite lean), but this is a debate that needs to be had. Once again we are faced with issues that have huge potential impact on society and the American People are served a good helping of Swift Boats, Purple Hearts, Forged Memos (alledgedly), and an E-bay-less Economy. Now I remember why I voted Nader four years ago.

-originally posted by "scotty c"

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