Sunday, September 12, 2004

Inching closer

Had our first group rehearsal last Monday. Dan and I split up and worked with cast members on separate scenes, so while I did not see the entire cast work together, I did get to see certain scenes played out.

And I was impressed. There were people I hadn't seen yet (stupid school/work/other stuff) who really rocked within the scenes I saw. Perhaps even more heartening than people reading lines well was the fact that everyone really got along well. With an ensemble piece, chemistry was going to be key and I think I was more than a little worried that people weren't going to "get" each other, but I think that was just an extraneous concern by a worry-wart (this will become more apparent in later posts).

So group rehearsal was last Monday. Several locations have been confirmed. And a couple days have even been scheduled. Translation: We are actually going to get out of this hell called pre-production!!! Whoo-hoo!

As for next week: More location work. We are in negotiations for a pretty big location which would be great if it worked out. So keep your fingers crossed for us(hell, toes too, you can never be too sure). We're also finalizing shooting scripts for ep's 1 through 3. Dan and I have also started work on ep's 4 and 5. Also we're going to start casting our guest characters next week (not really start, but we're really going to concentrate on it this coming week).

And the bad news? The bad news is there is no bad news!

Here's to keeping the ball rolling.

That's all for now

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