Monday, September 20, 2004

three days and counting

Well, technically minus one day and counting. Sunday was spent shooting promotional stills of the cast that will be available on the website (which should be up in the next week-- SPOILER: It looks good so far). The afternoon/evening of Sunday was spent shooting our first character short for the character of Tate (played by Martin Kenna).

Official production on Evans America begins on Thursday night (Whoo-hoo!), we are shooting Thursday through Monday. At last pre-production is coming to an end and production is here! Though this will be different than past project we've done, as we will always be in pre-prod for the next episode, it will be nice to actually be able to show our stuff off to people and have it be a "real" thing rather than just this hair-brained idea we have floating in our heads.

That's all for now. Come friday we'll be shooting!

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