Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Your attitude is welcome welcome

Yes, with the helpfull hand of Scotty C, I am officially a blogger. It is long overdue. The website is up and this web series of ours called EvansAmerica is now a reality. We just wrapped with our first block of shooting which consisted of a six day marathon of sure filmmaking genious. I will try to summarize as briefly as possible, for more in depth production journals for each day visit our "behind the scenes" page. Overall, we couldn't have asked for a better start, no hitches, and things are rolling along smoothly. The cast has been terrific and the crew is working together quite nicely. Two of our character shorts (Haley and Tate) should be up within a week or two to give everyone a peak into the show and a taste of what is to come. Take care and come back soon!


From the house of hooters, we see on cast Ja'le Youngblood is on your series. He works with tommy lee, which we love!!! He's hot! Is he in your up and coming trailers or photos?
Hooter girls fans
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