Monday, October 18, 2004

Joining the assault weapons debate

Disclaimer: I’m not as nice as Scotty C, so everyone will just have to get used to the good cop, bad cop routine. Warning: this will be very boring for anyone who doesn’t care, so don’t bother. The ban on assault weapons also known as “The Brady Bill” was passed in 1994 and expired last month because congress refused to renew it, Frist and Delay made it clear they would let it expire, and the Democrats, being the strong principled type people they are, were too scared of Nov. 2nd to do what they thought was right. It’s sad but true that the assault ban was watered down, because it had to be to get the thing to pass at all. But, to say it was just cosmetic so why have it anyway is like saying the war on drugs is losing so let’s just legalize everything. If it is not doing its job we should make the ban tougher so it actually works, not just get rid of it. Here are some of the gun control regulations that work or will work. Some of which have been passed, some still waiting in the wings for congress to act. All make sense and seem reasonable and do not even come close to trying to pry guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens, yet the NRA has opposed all of them: Mandatory background checks and waiting periods for all gun purchases to assure felons can not purchase weapons for crimes. Licenses for all gun owners, that require safety courses and tests, after all we have to jump through hoops to drive a car, why not a weapon? All non-hunting firearms must be registered with the government to aid law enforcement officials in solving murders and cracking down on black market gun sales. Mandatory child safety locks on all new firearms and incentives to gun owners to install safety locks on existing registered guns. A ban on concealed fire arms in public, a gun in your nightstand to make you sleep safe is one thing, having one tucked away in your pants when you head out grocery shopping is something else. Six out of ten Americans are in favor of needed gun control and 71% favor bans on assault weapons because they know that nobody needs an AK47 to hunt. Yet Congress has been corrupted by the powerful gun lobby and has turned their back on the will of the people. Nobody is talking about taking away the 2nd Amendment, but our founders couldn’t have known that muskets would someday turn into AK47s and Tec-9s and instead of fending off the English would be used in extinguishing 30,000+ lives of its own citizens EVERY year, or they probably would have thought twice. In closing, the assault weapons ban will come to the floor in congress after the election, Senator Feinstein (D-CA) one of the creators of the original bill has already promised this. The only question is will it be a law that actually works by being tough, or will the gun lobby be able to buy favorable legislation again. No hunter needs a weapon with a 30 shot clip, to sit in a tree and spray the forest hoping to hit something. Assault weapons are called that for a reason and were created back in the early 1900s for two events, war and crime. Don’t take my word for it, the LA, NYC and Miami Police Commissioners and hundereds more in American cities support the assault weapons bans because they’re a threat to uniformed officers. Not sure I'm the one that needs some enlightenment on the issue. Out. dan

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