Sunday, October 17, 2004

weekend in lincoln

Here's the promised wrap-up of the shoot in Lincoln. It happened about a week ago so things might be a little fuzzy. Dan's got some detailed day-by-day stuff that he's prepared so there may be an influx of behind the scenes goodness coming soon.

We left Omaha for Lincoln at 8am on Saturday morning. We had slight delays picking a prop table and chairs for the day's shoot. The big delay on our trip to Lincoln was stopping that a gas station that "obviously" didn't have gas. We actually have this on behind the scenes, so stay tuned for that (next week or so, time permitting).

We arrive in Lincoln only slightly behind schedule, OK, maybe 35 minutes after we planned. At any rate, we should have arrived right at cast/crew call at 9:30-ish (note to young filmmakers: never put "ish" after your call time, it leaves things open to creative interpretation). ;) We get to our spot on campus, plop down our prop table and chairs and only one member of our ensemble is there (Givani gets the game ball that day). From that point on, phone calls started to filter in from everybody else about some weird thing that happened to them that caused the lateness. That's when Dan and I realized that maybe this wasn't the right weekend to shoot in Lincoln (somebody check if that rhymed).

Shooting got going around 11:00 (an hour later than we wanted). So Dan and I were a little intense about staying on schedule and getting everything done for the day. Maybe unpleasantly intense, but it was kind of a one-shot location. Everyone responded terrifically though and not only did we get everything shot, but we also managed to get back onto schedule by the end of the day. Not that our accelerated shooting schedule didn't effect the cast/crew as we had to cut a scene at the end of the night as everyone was exhausted from spending the whole day outside. Who knew you could get sunburnt in October (I did, but I really don't associate the two very often). Our supporting cast, Rose and Eric (sorry if you spell it the other way), showed up and gave great performances to round out a furious day of shooting.

We adjourned shooting for the day at around 6pm. After shooting, some of the crew went to the apartment of Dan's brother, James, to watch the Huskers get absolutely obliterated by the Red Raiders of Texas Tech. Upon the end of the game, we decided it was best to avoid sleeping on the couches and floor of James's apartment (though very nice) and stay at a hotel instead.

After working all of the kinks out of my body from sleeping on the rollaway from hell (the floor at James's would have been sweet relief), we found ourselves back on the campus of UNL for one more day of shooting. We knocked out a couple shots early, including the first "beautiful" shot of the Lincoln shoot and a confrontation scene in which Chelsie (I will spell your name as many ways as phonetically reasonable) had to call the entire student body "fucking sheep" as a tour bus of middle-aged/older adults unloaded and walked by. A scene was dropped due to a miscommunication and lack of personnel, so that afforded us the luxury of a lunch (whee!).

Fully recharged from food from the student union (*sarcasm*), we shot several more scenes producer Ehren Parks got in front of the camera for an amazing interpretation of one of the characters. *Pretentious insight* As a writer, I'm always amazed by some of the ways that people interpret the words on the page. Never in one million years would I have thought to read the Munson character the way Ehren did, yet it was completely sublime. *end pretentious insight* Sunday also marked the return of Bill Wassem (playing George Vallone) to an SEP production. We've worked with Bill before and today was no dissappointment.

After finishing Bill's scene, we wrapped the shoot and gathered all the equipment and headed eastward back to our home. The Lincoln shoot is done, which means episode 2 is almost completely shot. Not too bad for a couple days work, though I hope never to have such a solidly planned weekend ever again.

Isn't that Ja'le kid working on your film? Why?? He's already working with the bigger names. I seen him on a reality show the other night with that Tommy Lee wife beater the other night? You must be his relation for him to work for you??
Who the hell are you talking about?
I'm talking about the actor on your show who plays Chris? Why is he working with your online series? He's already working with bigger names, Tommy Lee, Balderson, Ashley Judd, Payne, hell now he's joining the Motley Crue tour. Did you guys pay him, or is he getting something of this online series? Maybe he's bored...but if he is, at least one of your bimbo actresses may get lucky huh?
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Dan, pay people? Ha, that's funny.
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