Friday, November 05, 2004

Another recollection of another weekend of shooting...

Set the way back machine for the weekend of October 22-24. Here are my impressions of how the shooting went.

Oct. 22, 2004
location- Iske Cabin in Cedar Creek, NE

This was the night that we shot a huge party scene for episode 1. We did a great job of getting extras as we actually shot a party with more than 4 extras!!! (grand total was around 15 or 20, huge thanks to our friends who helped out that night) The first part of the evening was spent on a dialogue scene between Givani, Branden, and Joe Boro (an SEP virgin until that night, oh what a night). The rest of the night was spent doing our Scorsese Goodfellas homage with a 2 minute "steadicam" shot (James held the camera with two hands) of a party. We got several takes and think we nailed it. After the one-shot, we shot another scene with Joe and Branden at the end of the night. I don't know which take will be used, but listen closely for snorting laughter off screen (that was me). Funny stuff, folks, that's all I'll say.

Oct. 23, 2004
location: various outside locations

A lot of walking shots were filmed today. First a shout-out to Jeremy who came up all the way from Lincoln for a quick scene with Lara and Martin. You rock, dude. Totally knocked it out of the park. Next we shot a scene with Givani and Martin, where Deana and Tate catch up after Tate's sudden reappearance in Deana's life. There may have been more scenes there, but the way-back machine is foggy... The last scene of the day was the opening of ep3 where the core 6 are walking (of course) outside (of course x2) across the overpass of a busy street. What I have seen looks good. I would also like to thank the traffic on Dodge Street for honking while we were shooting. Not only did it add realism, but it also annoyed the eff out of us. Thank you.

Oct. 24, 2004
location: Downtown (the bar). Lincoln, NE.

Sunday night was a trip back to Lincoln to shoot at the Downtown (my new favorite bar). There were scenes from ep 2 and 3 shot that night. We had a scene with Givani and Bill Wassem which was just spectacular, both actors just ate up the scene. Next was a scene between Givani and Ehren Parks (playing "The Munson," perhaps my favorite ever side character), more comedy gold. The night was ended with a shot of our heroes getting startling news that will change the future of EvansAmerica forever. OK, maybe not, but a little hype never hurt anything. A shout-out to the owners and employees of the Downtown for making this day rock extra hard. There was not a hitch anywhere and the shooting went smoothly and the footage was terrific. You guys rock.

With that I'm running out of fuel in the way-back machine. Coming up, we're looking to finish principal photography on episode 1 and begin post, with wrapping eps 2 and 3 shortly after that.

56 days until the revolution is real... be ready.


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