Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Enough is enough

It's over, all over, fair and square this time, John Kerry and the Democrats got their asses handed to them on the well shined FU Republican platter yet again. Its not the Presidential race that really has me sleepless, its the congress and senate. Democrats are not only losing seats but their being replaced by radical right wing candidates like James Coburn of Oklahoma and Jim Demint of South Carolina who said that gays and lesbians should be barred from teaching in our schools, and when asked if he meant that said "of course, but I forgot to include unwed pregnant women too, they should be barred also". Are you kidding me, this is 2004, how does someone get away with openly and proudly saying something like this? Before I continue, I should clarify to those surfing through that my views are my own and do not reflect the nature of our cast, crew and show which is a serious and I think as you'll see rather even look at changing the political system and process as a whole. That said, let's have a little heated exchange fun on this board to keep things interesting. Sound good? Let's rock. The old circle of the Democratic party is through, I'm talking about the advisers, consultants, advisers and especially you Terry McAuliffe, you are worthless, you make my head hurt and I'm on your side. Change is needed. What is going wrong and where does the party go: 1. For god sakes stand for something with full passion. Your losing anyways, you might as well go down in flames with some dignity. 2. There's one way to fight, straight on. The democrats have been ducking and jiving yet still end up getting TKO'd with a lucky hook by the right. They need to stand toe to toe, go right at the issues Republicans are strongest on and want to talk about. That's right I'm crazy. We take the punches, fall back against the ropes like Ali, absorb what they have and then get ready to pounce. I'm talking gay marriage, gun control, god, taxes, deficits and military. Define that "moral values" isn't a monopoly for only one side. You don't like abortions, then how bout we let these nice same sex couples have legal rights and be able to adopt and provide good home alternatives. You want help keeping violent video games out of your home, we want to keep REAL guns out of your home and schools. You want to keep crime down, how about more after school programs and better daycare help, from yes the government to help keep kids off the wrong path early. "But Dan, parents should raise kids, not the government". Well how about we give these parents some god damn help then, both parents working two jobs because minimum wage is too low, doesn't leave a whole lot of quality time with the little ones. Not everyone is blessed with the well to do life you might have.

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