Friday, November 05, 2004

Get Ready

I know the pundits yesterday were just suffering from extreme sleep deprivation when they spent way too much time contemplating whether this country would unite itself again now that the election is over. Let me be the first to absolutely crush anyone's hope out there with that idea. Now I only drank (heavily) yesterday, and didn't start to assess the situation until late tonight, because I soaked in the news, heard the commentators and guests and things have never been more clear. The next four years will be the scariest, violent, and devisive political environment our generation has seen. And we will be right in the middle of it all. We are the future and the issues that are now upon us need our say. Everything the left fought tooth and nail for don't just end because we lost the election, this is a democracy and our voice will continue to be heard. I heard pundits talk about how historic a victory Dubya had surpassing Reagan's record 54 million popular votes mark, giving Bush a clear mandate to build on the red states and turn the whole country bright red eliminating the loser liberals of the blue. Are we to forget the 55 million people that voted for this liberal Kerry guy, he historically passed Reagan's mark as well. President Bush's press conference was one of the most disheartening things I've watched on television. Phrases like "I've earned political capital in this election and I intend to spend it", "mandate" and the administrations new crackdown on that damn pesky free press which they limited to one question per reporter and no followups. Which the President repeatedly reminded them when several slipped up and tried to get him to clarify his statement, they were immediately punished and sent to the corner of the room. "No followups, I have the will of the people and you need to start respecting that". Also the media is getting their courage and integrity sandblasted right off their bodies by the right, it was so sad to see these reporters timidly stand up to ask their questions in shaky voices like peasants asking for bread from their king. It was downright scary, folks. If you don't believe this is exactly how it played out, watch it for yourself. I took my battling boots off yesterday because my feet hurt from the two year fight that we lost and now the powers that be are telling us they are dominately in charge and we need to just go quietly into the night. I'm lacing my boots back up as we speak.

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