Sunday, November 28, 2004

Skin, four letter words and the FCC

The MNF skit that was the talk of the town two weeks ago would have kept going if only my Pacers didn't jump into the stands in Detroit and kick the crap out of the worst fans I've ever seen. But both have something in common and the hypocritcal response which is covered by the media. If the Monday Night Football skit was the lowest point in television and the Pacers-Pistons brawl was the worst thing that happened to basketball, then why did every news outlet, from local news, to CNN to ESPN, play the footage from each over and over and over. I just had to laugh at the sight of whichever American Family whatever group talking about the decline of television and our society because of this and how it has scarred their child forever as the footage is looped five or six times over them talking. It's because we love this stuff! Why was the Janet Jackson boob flash the most Tivo'd moment ever? Was it because America was so disgusted, don't be ridiculous. Whichever ABC producer was in charge of that skit, is a brilliant entertainer. They knew it would cause controversy but were careful not to actually show anything but a woman's back therefore avoid fines, but get your two shows "Desperate Housewives" and "MNF" mentioned thousands of times every hour on every channell. When will the family coalition groups learn that what anyone promoting a show or book or movie would love more than anything is to get the family coalitions to rampage against them. It's free advertising at its best.

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