Sunday, November 28, 2004

Turkey day is over, back to work

We promised ourselves we would not fall behind on keeping the updates flowing. Well we are liars and horrible people, what can we say. We had a big weekend of filming Nov. 13th & 14th and canned some great footage. Six scenes in total over the two days, the cast and crew were working overtime, and big props to Maslonka for pulling himself out of bed with a bad case of something I hope I never get and getting through a whole day on Sunday. Trooper award goes to him. Gold star once again goes to Givani for nailing two big scenes on Saturday, one is basically a 6 page dialogue, and she was flawless. We had a great collection of supporting cast this weekend also. Denny LaDue, Kevin Pufall, Virginia Kincaid, Meg Noyes, Elizabeth Jurchens, and our good friends from ITK, Fred Kracke and Cory Lesley.

Last weekend it was a trip down to K.C. for fill shots and also an excuse to catch the Monday Night Football game at Arrowhead Stadium which was crazy. Horrible people I know, mixing work with play. And my Indiana Pacers got in a huge brawl and we lost three guys to suspension so with injuries we're down to like seven guys, but they'll keep winning, we don't need them. See I just lost everyone's attention, because your screaming "I don't care". This is why I limit my postings. Anyways...

I usually leave this board to Scotty C, because his posts are less boring, but for detailed overly technical film nerd accounts of each day, my production journals will be up on the behind the scenes page this week along with two character shorts and a bunch of other fun stuff. WE PROMISE!

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