Friday, November 12, 2004

What's going on in Ohio

I'm going to put down some rumors going around and maybe raise some as well. There is a ton of conspiracies circulating around the internet about Florida and Ohio vote fraud. I'm not going to fuel any, but I will put some facts out there. First the quelling, it appears Florida didn't screw up its vote too bad this year, at least not enough to think Bush didn't actually win. The conspiracy here is that 20+ Florida counties that have like 70% registered democrats but voted 70% for Bush should raise a red flag. I thought this at first too, but realized its the South and there is nothing normal about that place. Southern Democrats or dixiecrats or (insert non-intelligent deragatory word here) are old school like Zell Miller, who aren't really on the left but still share the title. You see dixicrats vote Democrat at the local levels, even though I'm guessing a local Democrat and a local Republican look and talk the same, but vote for Republicans on the national level. This has been going on for a long time, especially since the shift during the civil rights movement. So its not just in Florida, but if you look at many democrat majority counties in the South, they probably all went for Bush. Just a quick side note to Democrats, give up on the South, they are never going to vote for a Democratic President and the kind they would vote for we're not going to want in the rest of the country, trust me. Kerry was one state away from the Oval Office, and that state is nearer to Canada then the gulf, and it was Ohio.

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