Tuesday, December 28, 2004

M&Ms, Pacers and Politics

Okay, well we had a wide variety for our first round of questions. And like I said, I'll answer them all: 1. Where did Blue M&Ms come from? They are always reinventing candy aren't' they? Updated wrappers, new colors, more caramel, its candy for Christ's sake. Is America on a desert diet, what's the deal? My guess is some drunk college students created it at a party, took a picture, found its way to the internet and was swooped up by Hershey's who cashed in. Joe and Bill at Michigan U. Are still waiting for their royalty checks. 2. Do the Pacers suck now? Alright, who took a cheap shot at my team? That's not cool at all. The Pacers held their own without their starting three, thank you very much, sometimes playing with only one guy on the bench and still won a few games with their third string. Once their rotation is back in swing, we'll be back on top. 3. Is Scott Coleman available to like date and stuff? Like he totally is. 4. And this week's gold star for the best question is if I could spend a large amount of money on just one issue, which would I pick? Great question, excellent. And it's simple, EDUCATION, EDUCATION, EDUCATION! It all starts with the kids, we are all born into families by the luck of the draw, poor or rich, its a coin toss. Some are born into nice suburb homes with good parents, nice schools, everything they could ask for. Others in poorer rural communities, farms or tough inner cities. Kids have to overcome different circumstances, but differences in their education should not be one of them. All schools should be equal, because kids didn't ask to be born where they were, its a part of life, but it all starts with school. Some parents work two jobs and aren't around for their kids, so you know what, schools do have to help raise children, its a fact of life. We need better teachers, more after school programs, mentors, everything! Just think about a future where the next generation of kids no matter where they went to school had a top notch education rooted in knowledge, manners, responsibility and civic duty. A world where our brightest minds were teaching 9th grade math instead of private sector jobs. Instead some politicians want to decrease funding to schools by allowing a few of the selected to leave failing schools and go to suburban schools where the funding would increase, leaving School A with less funding until it got its test scores up which now becomes harder, because the overachieving kids just left. This is called the Voucher system under the ironically titled and deceiving, "No Child Left Behind" when actually the program is the exact opposite. This is a horrible system, and the one I feel the most strongly about. You might see an episode about this in the future, hint, hint. That's all gang, keep the questions flowing.

Thanks for the compliment, that was my question that you voted THE BEST. :) (blush)
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