Tuesday, December 28, 2004

The Revolution Begins in 4 days

EvansAmerica officially launches on New Year's Day 2005, "the year of the people". We hope you check out the show, especially on Jan. 19th when the pilot launches. All you need to do is download it at your convience. Our goal is to take a look at issues and get people interested in politics in our way, not their way. It's not a big Hollywood production, but it's from the heart, its fun and its truthful. Politics, entertainment and the media are now all run by a few big companies who tell you what to watch, what they think is news, what you should buy, and who you should vote for. The revolution is not just about politics in the show, but a new way to watch entertainment. No longer do you have to accept the reality television bullshit they cram down our throats, you can make a statement that you want to watch something with character and soul. Not something made on the coast by suits who care only about pushing products and having enough ratings for slick commercials. This is a show from the middle of the heartland, made by a group of artists on a shoestring budget, there's no suits, no commercials, just us and you. I'm pouring my heart out here, I know, but I'm damn proud of this show, and I hope you come along for the journey. Thank you and we hope you start tuning in every week starting this saturday, let your voice be heard!

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