Wednesday, January 26, 2005

EvansAmerica in the Daily Nebraskan

Another fine piece of journalism in the Daily Nebraskan, (which is the University of Nebraska paper) about our little show here:
Click here to read.


dan's the man.
you bet your sweet ass he is.
Very cool site, its very reassuring to know there are other people like me in this red state of ours. Stay strong to your convictions.

wow! just saw the first episode. I'm impressed! congratulations on a great script, awesome filming and acting, and killer music. Hope you guys put Nebraska on the map for doing something new! - a new fan
This is the most kick ass thing ever. Can I be in it sometime? I've watched your first show like four times already. Some of the stuf is over my head, but thats just because I am an idiot.

luv merryweather!
damn the man!
save the empire!
So how many of these are there going to be and when do we get to see the next one?
There are eight episodes scheduled for Season One. Episode 2 will launch on Wednesday Night, Feb. 16th to download. For those living in the eastern Nebraska area, launch parties in both Omaha and Lincoln are being scheduled for that night. Stay tuned for more details.
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