Tuesday, January 25, 2005

One of these things first (For Real this time...)

I did write this blog entry the other night, but the gremlins at Blogger (or in my computer) decided to give me the big error once I tried to post it. I was pretty frustrated and drained from writing it the first time that I gave up and cried myself to sleep.

That being said, this is not the greatest blog in the world. This is just a tribute.

First, the launch party. Last Wednesday was Launch Party #1 at The Rox. Much thanks to them for hosting a crew of the most well-behaved hooligans this side of Council Bluffs. Turnout was good. (Though I apologize to my Mom for making her have to tape "Lost" to come out and support this little thing we call a show.) The crowd seemed into it for the most part. The only exceptions were the gnarly dudes in back who seemed more focused on their billiards than any of the 17 screens that were playing episode one.

I spent most of the running time pacing around the room. This being the first showing of the first project that I had actual creative input (and my name) on, I made certain I chased my anxiety away with copious amounts of alcohol.

Needless to say the rest of the night was kind of a blur. I watched Joe Boro climb into the dancing cage and bust a move. We discovered the maximum number of people able to play Erotic Photo Hunt before our performance was impeded (if you're curious it's 7 plus or minus 2). I also found myself an uncontrollable slave to the rhythm and spent a good 4 to 5 minutes dancing like I've never danced before. I'm almost certain that there is footage of this, and, while trying not to get everyone's hopes up, it could turn up someday in the form of a behind the scenes.

I think nearly everyone enjoyed my dance moves, except God. Just when I was really getting my proverbial groove on, I was struck down in the most horrendous dancing accident happened (aside from the Delaware Twist Catastrophe of '56). It is a difficult story to tell, but injuries were involved. On the upside, it so happened that the always-lovely Chelsie ended up landing on me. So that's something, right? Anyways, the Doc said I should make a full recovery, so don't worry about sending flowers or cards.

So, long story short: Episode 1 is up and ready for downloadage. If you have downloaded it already, you rock. If you have not downloaded it, you probably have herpes. (NOTE: For those of you who had herpes before you downloaded it, you will not be cured. I'm sorry, but it's out of my hands.)

That brings us (me?) to Sunday. Sunday morning was spent shooting a few more scenes from episode 2 (oh yeah, we're not going away) at the Fedora Lounge in Omaha (big up to them for being cool). Chelsie and Patrick (who plays Brett in ep2) started the day with a couple scenes, the second of which was an intimate little scene where both parties acted their respective genitalia off. We shot a couple more scenes with Patrick before fate whisked him away from us. We were also graced with the dramatic stylings of producer Ehren Parks, who reprised his role as the enigmatic Munson. A blast as always. My apologies on the vagueness of this day, we shot a good 11 pages in 5 hours so it kind of blurs together.

Sunday night was spent shooting at our top secret location. Our latest victim was the very talented Eric (who plays Joshua in ep2). We got some crucial scenes shot with Eric before releasing him and then ended the night with a quick scene between Givani and Director Dan himself (the guy can't keep away from the lens side of a camera). Which means yours truly was the camera man du jour (only because I don't know the French word for "night" or "evening"). Strangely, I noticed that whenever I run camera, it's always the walk-backward-and-hold-the-camera-perfectly-still-while-holding-frame-and-focus shot. Fishy. In other non-Scott news, this scene marked the first walk-and-mic for soundman-in-training Chris. Congrats, buddy, you are now on a new level. Cherish it.

Take home message: Episode 2 is officially in the can. We could probably release it tomorrow, but we would rather tease it for another 3 or 4 weeks and torture all of you who faithfully read this (Hi Mom).

Next time: Finishing production on Ep3 and first drafts of ep4 script. I tell you what, you think you know what's in store for the crew of EA, ep4 is going to change everything. FOREVAR!


I just had to tell you scott that this is one of the funniest things I have read in a while. I laughed out loud for a long time and peed a little. Funny stuff. Keep the blogs comming. And congrats to all of the cast and crew of Evan's America. The first episode was awesome and the progress of the series is amazing. The article was very cool by the way. Good work. Oh and Scott.......scobo.
send me the doctor bill--damnit...
Let's see mailing the doctor bill. Is your address still:

1234 Anystreet Lane
Anytown, USA?

And Joe, thanks for the props. I write these for you, man. scobo.
Yeah that was stupid on my part...it was chels...I thought you would know...guess not...oh well...I like doing the dot dot dot thing...hope your shoulder gets better...kay bye...
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