Sunday, January 02, 2005

Welcome to the Revolution

Well, it is now 2005 and the revolution at EvansAmerica is underway. The Tate Character Short is now up and ready to download, absolutely free! Enjoy. The other five character shorts will launch periodically throughout the next three weeks, leading up to the much anticipated First Episode launching Friday night, January 21st.

Cool site guys, I liked the first short.

"Whatever I want, gosh!"
not much blogging going on here. doesn't anyone have anything to say?
How often are episodes going to come out?
Hopefully about every three weeks. Don't hold us to that but we will try. To watch the shorts and episodes you will need Quicktime. To download the free player go here:

Also, to help us preserve are bandwith, we are asking that people download the shorts and episodes to their computers by right clicking and doing a download or save target. This way you can watch it over and over like I know you all will.

Well, your day 7 of Dans production journals were cool. Yes, you did meet the real CREW OF TOMMY LEE'S SHOW that day. Ja'le Youngblood, is a cast of your series, and that day he took us to your crew to meet you. I met you from Ja'le that day. I asked if you were a Bush fan or Kerry, and you said "Not really a fan of neither." Well, glad to see the series going. Stay political, and Ja'le is on with Tommy now. Good luck man, and I got the site that day from Ja'le, and I'll check in every now and then to view it.
Mike Nicols, co-executive on T L show
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