Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Smoke and Mirrors

Just a quick update, not a lot has been going on production-wise for EA, but here are a few nuggets that some people might find interesting.

1) Sunday night we grabbed a couple fill shots for episode 2, thus truly completing ep2 (my previous post was all hype). Parks portrayed Munson for the final time (in ep2, least mwa ha ha) as he confronted the front runner in the student government election. If you look closely, you'll see yours truly doing some bad ass acting (minus the "ass").

2) Took a run at a commentary for a potential DVD release, potentially available soon in the EA store (not to be a total capitalist, but the show doesn't make itself, folks). Cast and crew consisting of Givani, Joe Boro, Lara, Director Dan and myself hit record on the tape recorder and just started rambling. Now, I don't know how many people listen to commentaries out there (I love them, but I am a HUGE film geek), but the ones I really enjoy listening to are real loose, but still informative. I have a feeling our first run at a commentary will resemble not so much chaos. Maybe because of the beer, maybe because we were in an odd mood that night, maybe because we're bastard people. We'll let you decide. But the commentaries I like seem effortless and fun, but they're probably a bit more structured than "Hey let's watch our movie and talk about it. Oh yeah, and we'll drink a lot." I guess Hollywood has tricked me again into thinking things like this are easy. (You know, like in that movie about recording commentary tracks.)

Anyways, this is getting longer than I intended... there's a joke there somewhere, I swear, I'm just too lazy to look for it. Ep2 is premiering Friday, so go see it if you're able. I'll be at MJ Java in Omaha, so if you're a lonely, lovely lady, I'll be the one in the back. You'll know me by my excessive sweating, erratic pacing, and general unapproachableness (to think I spent Valentine's Day alone).


...B's or C's?...
This show's going to be a homerun.
-Jerry Weintraub
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