Sunday, March 06, 2005


This is going to be the most timely entry I will ever write. Unless somehow, we develop the technology to hook up to my brain and allow me to blog as I think. People may get a different view of me as I would be unable to censor my thoughts. It would also out my Debbie (or is it "Deborah?") Gibson fetish.

...but I digress....

Today, we shot at MJ Java's in downtown Omaha. Re-read my title and you will see how much they rock in my eyes. Props to Darren and Christina (apologies for name misspellings) for hanging out and selling us coffee on your day off.

First we shot the opening scene from episode 3 with virtually the entire cast in a rare truly ensemble scene. Really got to see the EA chemistry in full effect. It's something that we don't get to see enough, but it really came through today. Ann, Chelsie, Lara, Givani, and Branden showed no rust, not that they would, but we haven't all shot together since maybe October(?). (EA needs a historian like View Askew has... If you want to be EA historian, send Dan an email. Pay's great, just ask anyone we've worked with.)

Shooting went on without any foolish beats. Thanks to our luxuriously large crew (FIVE people!! I kid not.) We had Director Dan on camera, Chris on sound, Greg on dolly, newbie Justin Brink on lights and yours truly on...


Um... I watched the monitor. A lot. It was like a normal Sunday afternoon for me. I also ran slate. That's important I guess. Without me, they wouldn't have been able to know what scene and take number they were on. I swear I'm intregal to the production of this thing. I'm not just a pretty face.

The second half of the day was spent in the presence of the greatness that is Bill Wassem. I know this is kind of a mild spoiler, but bear with me. I can't just speak in vagarities the whole time, though I can speak in vulgarities a lot...

This post has been edited for content. And for being the WORST JOKE EVER.
thanks- Gods of the Internet.

So, anyways, Bill was there to shoot a scene from ep4 with Givani. Again, both people were prepared and brought it. Needless to say, the luxuriously large five-person crew got served (saw'd?).

LSS: Bill rocked. Givani rocked. I get lost in your eyes. Production of Ep4 has started.

Which brings me to my next point. Episode 4 is where shit really starts to happen. Eps1-3 have been good get-to-know-you eps, but now that we've established our players we can really get down to business. It's not cool to say because we're a good amount of time away from unleashing this baby (oh no, we're not merely releasing this one...) . The EA family has expanded with the addition of Tyson Sevier and Rick Pecararo to our massive stable of writers. Not to get pretentious, but it's like the first time new parents leave their kids with a sitter. (note: I'm totally the Dad in this analogy. Totally.) Only in my dreams could the script have turned out better. Anyways, before this gets sappy, I, for one, was really pleased with the way the script turned out, obviously.

Damn, I thought I could get six "appropriately" used commas into that sentence. Oh well. Next entry, I guess.

Anyways, if you're still with me at this point, thanks for reading. Tune in next time where I briefly write about EA and then blabber on about stupid crap out of the blue.

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