Monday, March 28, 2005

Gmac is down, I repeat gmac is down!

Well this day went downhill fast, my beautiful new G5 editing computer was KO'd by something last night and the main drive is not responding anymore. Not good. I dropped it off at the local Apple gurus office, and when I told him the problem he said "well that's distressing". Not the type of thing you want to hear. Good news is it's still under warranty and he's fairly certain he can save all the data. Bad news is he's not 100% certain and I'm going to lose about 4 days of valuable editing time. Crap. This means in all estimates Webisode #3 launch date will probably be April 15th. Sorry everyone, but computers will be our mortal enemies from time to time.

Stupid liberals and their Macs.
Dan, this should be a sign that you need to stop your liberal show. Your messages of anti-gun and pro-civil rights, your fight against corruption and greed while standing for helping the poor is very upsetting to me. Stop now, this is your last warning.
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