Thursday, March 31, 2005

Some good news mixed with bad news

I have my computer back=good. The drive was shot in a fluke situation they had never seen before and the data was unrecoverable without sending it away to California and spending thousands of dollars=bad. I lost a lot of episode 3 progress=very bad. I'll be able to rebuild some scenes I had done earlier and saved on another disk and will re-edit the rest=sucky=miller time. All of this still looks doable for an April 15th launch. Though we will not release anything official yet.

The good news is we have a full slate of filming set for this weekend. That's right, three days of production on Webisode #4! Yay. I'm stoked. Actually everyone is very excited about getting back to the heart of the show, filming. The script is good and the cast and crew are pumped. That makes Dan smile. Production starts with a 7pm call time tomorrow night and will wrap Sunday at 5pm. Stay tuned for updates and pictures! We'll try to post something every night.

... And three days later it rose from the dead...

Wow, you're computer's just like Jesus!


*ring, ring*

"Hello, Scott? This is Hell. Just calling to confirm your reservation. K, thanks bye."
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