Wednesday, March 16, 2005

SXSW Days 4-6

Finally get a chance to blog again, it's about 4am here in Austin, most of the cast and crew are out in the Gazebo still drinking the night away and singing Irish pub songs they picked up. The last three days have been incredible, let me repeat, incredible! We've seen so many damn films it's ridiculous, we're spending about 10-12 hours a day in theaters. First EA promotion update and then some highlights of some of the films for those who care. Plenty more cards passed out, and a few more DVDs to some journalists we've met and normal folks who seem well connected, or at least say so trying to impress. The big news however is Dan's success in getting a copy of the show into the hands of Al Franken! He taped a live interview for Texas Public Televsion to promote the AirAmerica stations that are launching. I was nervous as hell to approach him and stick a dvd in his hand, but he was a really nice guy. He might just throw it in a pile never to be seen, but who knows, at least I got it there, and that's all I can do on my end, the rest is up to blind luck.

Onto the films, alot of these have recently been picked up for distribution, which means you should try your hardest to see some of these, well worth it, get out of the Hollywood rut.

*The Edukators - Wow. Just an incredible film, German or Austrian, I can remember at the moment. Reminded me of what were trying to accomplish, three friends who create political rebellious statements in rich suburbs when one goes terribly wrong. Flawless acting, cinematography, score, everything, it was all superb, across the board. I don't care if you like subtitles or not, you need to see this film!

*Occupation: Dreamland - One of two Iraq war documentaries at SXSW, and I must say it was not what I expected. I have not yet seen Gunner Palace but from the trailer this differs in alot of ways. Straight up cinematography, nothing fancy, just photo journalism at its basic level. Which is not bad at all, it worked, and it fit with the mood of the film. The most surprising however, it had no biased whatsoever. There was no manipulation with the editing, at all, truly an honest look, and I would know what a liberal documentary looks like, trust me. That being said it does nothing but crush your spirits for what lies ahead for our soldiers and the Iraqi people.

*Waterborne - Film I was really looking forward to and I wasn't dissapointed, really kick ass digital cinematography. Lot of post always help too, so props to the editors. The film is about several interwoven stories during a terrorist attack on the water supply of L.A. Great cast helped make the film seem way less low budget than I'm sure it was.

*Deadbirds - The midnight show we just saw a few hours ago, we were exhausted but decided to catch it and I'm so glad we did. Here's the scenario, a group of outcast Confederate soldiers during the Civil War rob a bank and then hide out in a big abandoned plantation house, and oh yeah it's haunted by these half man half werewolf skinned creatures. Yeah. Crazy. Frickin awesome though and fun as hell.

These were just the highlights, we've seen a lot of films it's hard to keep track right now cause I'm so tired. Scotty is keeping detailed notes for future reviews, though we split up today and went to different films and only met up for Deadbirds, but oh well.

One more blog coming on sunday probably to wrap up the trip, we're all wishing we would never have to leave, but the show must go on.


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