Monday, March 21, 2005

SXSW wrap-up

Back in O-Town, so sad, Austin again treated us so well, nobody wanted to leave, good times, hell great times. We saw about 25-30 movies during our 8 day stay, and alcohol consumption is still being tallied. I have some pics, Lara has way more, plus I'm still getting the hang of posting pics to the blog, so hang with me, I'm not quite sure what I'm doing. We did some good promotion, and we have a big push coming in a few weeks to hype the two new episodes coming out in April so hopefully all goes well. I won't make my post too long because I have some pics so I'll just say these were my top five films, be on the lookout and try to see them if you get the chance:

1. The Edukators
2. The Education of Shelby Knox
3. Love Comes To The Executioner
4. Occupation Dreamland
5. The Puffy Chair

Dan and Al Franken.

nice pic...dan, you are a sexy beast.
Think you could have cleaned up a bit before pitchin the show to Franken, ya bum.

Watched the show.


Al F.
... Forgot it put my real name up there...

he he... um...

//runs away
Way to ruin it, that would have been funny if you hadn't effed it up.

It was kind of part of the joke. But it sucked...

This is great, we have 7 comments on an entry and it's mostly Dan and I having a conversation.

you two are nerds, but that's why we love ya!

"danny and scotty fan club"
Picked up one of your cards in Austin, diggin the show. Can't wait for the new episodes. Or webisodes I shoud say. Rock on.
so, josh - what do you like about the show?
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