Friday, March 25, 2005

The White House Marketing Machine

The political stream is one based on proposals, public mood and focusing points. To get your agenda passed, you need the support of your colleagues, the right timing, a built-in base support and a well organized campaign to win over at least a majority of the public. Winning public opinion for certain policies is a tough sell requiring many speeches, events, advertising, it's like selling a product. Sadly that's politics. And if you can't quite make the sell, it goes down in defeat like Clinton's Universal Healthcare, his first big proposal in office. But the Bush Administration is giving creativity and ingenuity a new name, "propaganda". That's a harsh word I know, but can you really call it anything other than that. First off are their infamous "town hall meetings" with the President traveling the country meeting with the "people", interacting to hear their concerns. Except that's not what it is at all, the forums are packed 100% with pre-screened supporters, and the average Americans up on stage are hand picked and go through rehearsals the day before. It's theater, the Bushies know what is best and rather than listening, they are going to put on a charade until you come around. Next is the paying of what are supposed to be independent "free press" journalists like Armstrong Williams and Maggie Gallagher. Both pushed Bush agendas because they were paid to by your tax dollars, are you hearing the warning bells, yet? Let's continue. We can't forget the Gannon/Guckert White House correspondent fiasco, presumably planted to ask softball questions in briefings to bail out the press secretary. Gannon's credentials were incredibly shady at best and we all know now, that is putting in mildly, so how did he get in when others bloggers are continuing to be denied? And when all else fails, when the news isn't going your way, just make it yourself. That's right the various departments (Defense, State, Education, etc.) from the White House direction have producing their own news reports with fake actors, fake reporters and fake narration and making them available to local news stations to play as part of their local newscast! Can you hear Paul Revere coming down the street? This doesn't surprise me about the Bushies, but for a local television Producer to accept and program for free, a fake news report produced by our government, passing it off as news, is incomprehensible. Just some things to think about.

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