Thursday, April 21, 2005

Director's Journal - April 1st, 2005

Another one of these, about three weeks after the fact.

Big weekend of Webisode #4 production started off on Friday night with two scenes between Tate and Dee Dee. Fun scenes that Scotty and I wrote way back when and when I say write, I mean scribbled down in a notebook in a moment of sheer creative spontaneity. Apparently we had to teach Lara how to flirt on screen, what's that about? I'm not sure, but moving on, we had a lot of fun shooting the scenes. Scotty lost timecode about halfway through on the DAT, I yelled and bitched, but got over it and we marched ahead. The kitchen was a pain to light and took awhile, which is funny because we had just lit that kitchen two months earlier for Scotty's short film "New House". But this was at night so we needed a different scheme. It worked out and then we moved to the bedroom, oh yeah. Big props to Lara for the blushing type shots at the end of the night, she knows why, and you'll know why if you check out Webisode #4, launching May 13th. Look at that, shameless plug, I always manage to get those in.
Image hosted by
Lara's bed cam. (and who are those handsome filmmakers?)

You had to drop the time code thing, didn't you... //shakes fist

That last pic is awesome, if only for the baffled looks on our face and our eye lines.


"Scott C. and Magnum DI see a woman for the first time."

God my room makes me look like a dork. (wait...)
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