Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Hmm... Where's the socket... oh here... [PLUG]

In unrealted-to-EA news:

Last February, I approached Director Dan with my first venture into directing. It's a little short called "New House." It was for an on-line contest that's, coincidentally, going on right now! My premiere day is today.

Because I'm such a good guy, I'll give you the link here.

There should be reviews and stuff there, so I suggest watching the movie before you are tainted by the overwhelmingly good reviews (or the overwhelmingly bad reviews).

It's about 10 minutes long and stars EA's own Chelsie "Hotness" Hartness and Lara "Flynn Boyle" Adkins. We've got Dan on the camera and Chris on the sound. "New House" also features music by the lovely and talented Givani.

So check it out. We had fun making it. You might have fun watching it.



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