Tuesday, April 05, 2005

The MinuteMan Project

I am not quite sure what to think of this, it is a fascinating story, but in my mind very scary. It is called the MinuteMan Project, about 200 volunteers led by this retired guy Jim Gilchrist. Who are taking immigration control into their own hands by vowing to do border patrols along the Arizona/Mexico border themselves. Neither Bush nor Fox quite knows what to make of it, or what to do about it. Can you really stop a bunch of bitter old men from patroling the desert in their trucks. It's a real throw back to the wild west law enforcement, some are calling them vigilantes. They say they are just there as a deterent, and that illegal aliens will be scared to cross if the Minutemen are around. But what happens, when a group of immigrants decide, eff it, let's just go, they aren't U.S. officials? Do the minutemen stop them, kick the crap out of them, what? I'm asking, I want to know, who is responsible for them? And I really think the choice of name is tacky, come on, what they are doing in no way does justice to the historic U.S. group of heroes known as the "Minutemen" who were after all, IMMIGRANTS!

I don't really have rage or issues, but my friend and co-blogger lindsey's hobby is taking sweet sweet revenge on her enemies. do i qualify to comment on your blog?
love abby
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Nice. Good enough for us, come on in and comment away.
The minutemen are a drop in the bucket. The larger issue here is lazy white kids taking an early interest in the economic revitalization of Mexico. And I'm not just talking about popping X and blowing rails in Cancun or donkey shows in Tijuana. Fox and Bush are both incompetent and their string pullers are now searching for some new horse to slap on the ass. it is going to be a hectic three years in the American Southwest. What will probably happen is the minutemen will just probably bury them where they bleed: buckshot down the chapparal has another secret. Lock and load, America.
YES! The Munson has risen! Like Jesus and shit. That's good stuff. We want more Munson, we want more Munson.
the munson shall abide
we are all illeagals, all human.
the minutemen are ignorant racists.
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