Monday, April 11, 2005

New week, new stuff, why do all our titles seem to have the word "new" in them?

New cast diary up, thanks to Branden Maslonka aka. "PAUL" click here. A few more Production Journals by Director Dan, click here for those. And some Behind the Scenes galleries from this year, click here to go there.

EvansAmerica Season 1 - Volume 1 DVDs go on sale soon. Help support the show.
Volume 1 will feature: The complete pilot webisode and all six character shorts. Cast and Crew commentary track. EA Trailer. 5 Behind the Scenes Videos. Hidden Videos and Recommended Reading.

And don't forget, Webisode #3 launches Friday night, April 29th!

Not to be a dick, Dan, but I don't think any of my entries have had the word "new" in it. Check it. At least not my last three additions.

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