Monday, April 04, 2005

Not about Dan's (crappy) computer

We shot some more stuff for webisode 4 on Friday night. This time we were at Casa de la Nate, my current residence. We shot a crucial, mindblowing scene (were those adjectives too much?)between DeeDee and Tate that will forever change everything you ever thought about everything (Dan told me to hype these more, but it feels forced... anybody?).

And to capture this momentous scene/event we had the perfect crew consisting of... 2 people.

That's right. Dan and I crewed this scene. I think we had gotten use to our standard 4 person crew because it took us like 5 hours to shoot four pages. Granted some of the pages were distinctive dialogues written by Scott "I've-never-acted-a-day-in-my-life-but-insist-on-writing-horrendously-difficult-to-perform-dialogue-scenes" Coleman. Not to say that Martin and Lara weren't up to the task, they were. They, dare I say, Brought It?

After this dialogue scene we got a couple more scenes that I swear to you will blow your mind. The mood was also suprisingly light, given our lack of helping hands, and therefore, efficiency. There are a couple behind the scenes/outtakes that I'm afraid may make there way to an internet near you...

Not to be a tease or anything.

After shooting, we went back to Director Dan's place to celebrate the big deuce-deuce for Joseph "mother-effing" Boro (he plays Miles, for those unbaptized at the shrine of EvansAmerica). Happy birthday, big guy.

The rest of the weekend was spent shooting other stuff. But I wasn't there, so I can't really report on it. I mean, I could, but I don't think my summary would much match what really happened the last two days.

Ess to the ceezie.

ps: it is really 3am when I'm posting this. I really do have to be at school tomorrow at 9am. Yes I really do hate myself.

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