Thursday, April 28, 2005

Webisode #3 Launches Friday Night

Listen up EA fans, the hiatus is over and the revolution will now continue. It has been about two months since we last left the crew at Leeden State College. Tomorrow night at about 6pm the new webisode will be up on the main home page and available to download and watch so tell your friends to stop by.


We rejoin the crew as they brace themselves for the coming storm over the school's stem cell research program vote. Joshua Gordon's vigil against the program ends in dramatic fashion as several students are taken to the hospital after a clash with campus security. Deana takes charge and uses her resources to help the Student Government President Kyle Blankenship defend the school against attacks by conservative columnist Bonnie Rockwell who is inciting backlash to kill the vote. Tate and Dee Dee embark on a frustrating journey to get their towed van back and Nikki and Haley's disagreement on stem cell research boils over. Don't miss it!

Will there be a screening for this episode, I hadn't heard anything.
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Yes! We are having a screening at Director Dan's house on Friday (as in tomorrow) at 9:00 p.m.

If you already know where he lives, head over....

If not, shoot him an email and invite yourself over! All are welcome!

Um, right, Dan?
We are not having a launch party this time around, as our normal spot was booked and I have been too busy to organize something. We are having a small cast and crew and friends screening at my house, thanks Lara. Sorry about that to anyone not in the area in cyberland, but enjoy the show on your laptop or PC. Hopefully the launch parties will return in the near future.
Waiting with immense anticipation.
Or, all those out there who aren't in the Omaha/Lincoln area have your own launch parties and send us the pics.

It can be a virtual launch party!
Um, Dan, I hope you don't mind but I made up some flyers with your address and posted them around town.

it's about to get crunk up in huur.
We're running a little behind schedule, should be up within the hour. Sorry for the delay.
Webisode #3 now officially launched, online and ready to download for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy.
magnum worship
Really liked it guys, seems like you're hitting your stride!
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