Saturday, April 16, 2005

Who says Nebraska doesn't have a film scene?

I say "boo" to the nay sayers. This past Wednesday night I had the privilege to be the guest speaker at the NIFP meeting in Lincoln. It's a wonderful organization that supports local film of all kinds. And a great place to meet and mingle with fellow filmmakers, actors and screenwriters. I showed some EvansAmerica stuff, even though most had already been to the website and checked out the show and had a lively Q&A about how we are pulling off an ongoing webseries with 45-minute webisodes on "no-budget" in Nebraska no less. It was a fun discussion and it even made me think about some aspects I never had before. It seems like this runaway train of a show never stops to let me sit back and think about a lot of the aesthetics of the show. After the meeting was over and letting out, it was very rewarding to get such positive feedback from people who attended. We actually have some fans, ssshhh, don't tell anyone. And after the meeting I went out for some drinks at Old Chicago with a few of the NIFP regulars and we chatted away about all things film. Overall it was a very fun night and I met a lot of very cool people who love film and live in.....wait for it....Nebraska. Eff hollywood! I say this is where its at. Anyways thanks to the NIFP President Rhett for having me down, peace out.

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