Thursday, May 05, 2005

Director's Journal - April 24th, 2005

With the wrap of production of Webisode 4, whatcha say we do some of these ole' production journals eh?

Director's Journal - Sunday, April 24th, 2005:

Day 2 of filming this fine weekend, sun out and indeed beautiful weather again. It was a rather light day on the production calendar. We started by welcoming back Ann and Ja'le back to the set after a long hiatus. They play Haley and Chris and hadn't shot together since September when we filmed all three of their scenes from the pilot during our first production week. Nevertheless we scraped off the rust and knocked out their three scenes. Got away with lighting with just the lowel kit, which was nice. And made Ann only force down a little bit of soggy cereal, we're on a tight budget people, we can't keep replacing the cereal in between takes, come on! We ended the day with an evening shoot with everybody's favorite, Mr. Bill Wassem who plays Dr. George Vallone who you'll learn a lot more about in the upcoming webisode. Bill and Givani rehearsed a bit on the porch because we were about to shoot our first car dialogue scene of EvansAmerica. We made a decision to stay away from these as much as possible, not because they are hard, they are actually the easiest thing to shoot and you don't have to worry about securing the location, you just throw the crew in the backseat and have the actors drive wherever they want. But, this can become a crutch and pretty soon, you notice a lot of driving around in the scripts. But since this was the first, I'm not worried and the setting O-town sun gave the scene nice light. We picked up some pickups in a nearby parking lot, ridiculously rushing in between takes to get all we could out of magic hour. And wrap.

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