Sunday, May 01, 2005

Episode 4, in a word, WRAPPED

Yeah dogs. Ep4 is totally in the can. After the long drawn out shooting schedule that was ep3 (we did start shooting it last September), we kicked out ep4 in short order.

Our final day of Ep4 shooting was done at the illustrious, if not amazing, Fremont High School. It was a little scene where DeeDee, Paul, and Tate try to get a permit for the protest they are planning. (Oh stuffing, kind of a spoiler there I guess.) They encounter the Permit Lady (played by SEP alumnus, Jackie Walker) and I'll just say that Hilarity ensues (I hope). The shoot went off without a hitch, as they usually do when you have a 5-person crew.

The day was finished up with a last scene from the finale of ep4. The highlight of this scene (aside from the terrific performances from Branden and Jackie), was the fact that Dan and I got to fulfill our fantasies and actually play God for an hour or so. To explain, last weekend when the majority of the party scene was shot, it was really sunny out. Today, it was not so much sunny. Armed with two of our 1K (re: really effing bright) lights we simulated the warm sunshine ("Let there be light!" We said. And there kinda was). Ask either actor and they will tell you it was not warm. It didn't show though. With that scene we finished principal photography on ep4. Look for it in a couple weeks.

I think Dan mentioned this earlier, but with the conclusion of ep4, we're going to take a short hiatus, to write the rest of the season. We hope to get shooting again in mid-June and finish off this first season of EA. Thanks for sticking around for the ride. We're just hitting our stride and it will only get better! Keep your eyes/ears/nose peeled as there will be much going on around here at, even in our "absence."


I will send some pics from shooting this weekend to Dan to put up when I get home from work!

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