Monday, May 16, 2005

We're number one!

Omaha is number one! ....if you are an STD, that is. Numbers out this week show that Douglas County* has a 64% greater incidence of chlamydia than the national average, and a 94% greater incidence of gonorrhea. Why would that be? Omaha is a god-fearing, conservative red town (except for the heretics like us). No one has sex here, do they? At least not that they talk about, anyway. But wait! Could that be part of the problem? No one will talk about it, no one will teach about it in the schools...maybe if we weren't so focused on gay marriage and Nebraska football (Go Huskers!), we could educate our children on safe sex. * For those of you not familiar with Nebraska political geography (And why wouldn't you be? It's fascinating stuff!) Douglas County is the most populated county in Nebraska and home of our largest city.

-originally posted by "Lara"

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