Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Apparently gays need not apply

Because America is the land of opportunity where matters of color, creed, and the like should not keep you from pursuing the so-called American dream, I was shocked and appalled when M to the DI told me about this.

The Texas House of Representatives passed a bill on to their Senate that bars homosexuals from having foster children. But... Oh wait, one more thing. Upon filling out a questionaire and going through all the rigamarole, Texas Child Sevices can still investigate the validity of your answers. If it turns out you did lie, about your private relationships they will take the child away.

So wait. Which country are we living in again?

-originally posted by "Scotty C"

and how exactly do they "investigate" that? set up a steakout to watch you through the windows of your PRIVATE home, maybe take some pictures while they're at it--for proof of course. wow, that's the epitome of liberty and freedom. doesn't texas still have the sodomy law, too? so first they'd take your child and then arrest you for what you do privately. go america. f#ck yeah.
Dude. I'm from TExas. They don't actually believe they are part of the United States. It's the LONE STAR state for a reason. You forgot the law they just passed that makes it illegal to "dirty dance" as well. So to butt lovin, no gay lovin, no simulated lovin of any variety. They are now in the business of legislating sexuality. I wish the left activists would start using that line. "Stop legislating sexuality"
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