Monday, June 20, 2005 do real news....what!?!?!

This is an unbelievable story about CNN Prez Jonathan Klein saying now that Jacko's trial is over they are going to stop trying to compete with Fox by focusing on sensational stories i.e. Jacko trial, Martha Stewart trial, Robert Blake trial, Scott Peterson trial, Runaway bride, Afternoon police car chases, etc... and actually focus on hard hitting in depth journalism. Can you believe it? Finally! Of course what does it say about where we are at as a country today where we have to applaud a news network for doing....NEWS. Also Klein talks about scrapping Crossfire and Inside Politics which were just shows for surrogates to come on and spew their talking points. And mixing up their morning shows which played like local news rather than frickin CNN. I think CNN finally realized their audience isn't Fox's audience, their audience is educated and wanted news. I don't know how many emails I sent CNN asking them to spend more than 30 seconds covering an important news story. Apparently others did too and they finally listened. It is a must read story, of course I found this on MSNBC in the Newsweek section. Very strange. Read here.

The patriotic bloggers have finally swayed the MSM to covering this administration with the vigor is deserves. No more blindfolds, no more earplugs. I bet the bushies are praying another has been star kills or molests somebody real soon.
Fox News is just better, wake up and face reality people.
Leave Jacko to be, lets not bother ourselves with this guy
fox news is just better? Uh...fatter. Yeah. Liars...yeah. Better? Not so much.
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