Saturday, June 18, 2005

EA story in the City Weekly

The Omaha City Weekly has a very sweet write up about our show in its new issue. A nice, big two page spread with lots of pics and everything. It's by far the best article written about the show yet, and probably about any of my films ever. Scotty and I have a lot to live up to now because the story really makes the show seem really good. Big thanks to Mike Krainak at the Weekly, he's a very thorough and solid writer and he did a great job. He worked in an Emerson quote for the love of God, and did it beautifully.

Anyways, pick up a copy and enjoy!

They rotated our story off the Editor's Pick of their online site, I'm still trying to find the new link to our story, but I can't find it. Bare with me.
cool, why not hit the local market for t.v.? Some of the actors in your web series are doing bigger things, and you never mention anything about those folks. Maybe there's bad blood, cause not everyone on your site gets credit they so well deserve?
First of all, WHAT? Second, why tv when people can already watch it here. Third, pretty sure everyone gets the credit they deserve, I think Dan mentioned that the show would be nothing without the talented cast. That's decent credit.
Hmm, pretty sure everything is bigger than our show, so that's not saying much. Bad blood? Well I do frequently tell the cast and crew that I hate them, but that's normal. This cast and crew that I work with is kick ass and works with me with no budget, and the great thing is that nobody puts themselves above the project. Is that what you mean?
I think I heard my voice in one of the episodes and I don't appear anywhere in the credits. I want my SAG check.
Sorry, we sent it Dana Carvey. We thought he needed it more.

Our Bad.
oh, yeah,
"Thanks to everyone cuts it nowadays in the field of starving for roles. I'm sure that's what they all deserve. They all talk about one another. It's a divided cast
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