Friday, June 24, 2005

Maybe some communication would be in order

So Veep Cheney last week in response to a question about the public's growing discontent with the Iraq war wanted to assure America that this whole mess was almost over, "the insurgency is in its last throes", he proclaimed. Whew, I mean I was really worried things were stalled, but if Cheney says not to worry then I can sleep better tonight. Wait...what's that, the top military Commanders were in front of Congress today to give their take. Read here. They say not only is the insurgency still strong but that and I'm quoting "their strength remains undiminished and there are actually more foreign fighters coming into Iraq today then there were six months ago". So I'm confused now, are the White House and the Commanders in Iraq not communitcating, we do have phones and radios and the internet and technology like that right? They have to be talking right? I mean how are those two statements so contradictory, Cheney wouldn't just pull something out of his ass based on no facts like "the insurgency is in its last throes" just to quiet the rumble would he? I'll let you be the judge of that. Top military officials have not been very quiet about contradicting the Vice President's statements either. Are we seeing a rift between the White House and the military? Are our commanders getting tired of the rosey optimism back here in the states when what they really need is more money, more troops, more actual success, not the make believe kind.

Again more weak minded liberal bullshit from Mr. Iske, but at least he's trying. It is fun to take pot shots at a corrupt old man, but I'm sick of bloggers and their silly rhetorical questions they find to be so pseudo-entertaining.

Let's switch the conversation to the important things in America: money, guns, and fireworks.

There is good jack to be made running illegal fireworks in and out of Missouri these days, but it is dangerous work. The Nebraska State Patrol posts signs warning "Checkpoint: Drug Dog in Use Ahead" and fools don't realize that such an occurence would seriously jeopardize our constitutional priveliges. The cops just wait for them to pull off at the exit before. There are no drug dogs of course, and three sweaty hispanics driving a U-Haul, stopped on the side of the road is the talk of the town in Henderson or Waco.

Who knows what lengths these thugs will go to keep low-grade explosives out of the hands of America's youth. The denegration of America into the cult of the obscene, politcally correct sewage we call modern thought can be directly linked to not enough gall darned sparklers, ladyfingers, M-80's and those pretty little things that twirl around on the ground in three different mother loves those. Sure, we are raising a generation in those caricenogenic wastelands that pass for cities in George W.'s America, but if they could just have an opportunity to blow those cute little digits off...

Something Hunter S. Thompson once said is sticking in my craw, "We are doing this once, and we are doing this for real." It's time for you bloggers to get off your lazy, I-pod loving asses and read John Stuart Mill, Marshall McLuhan, and Voltaire immediately. I have and my mind is free. Start with the Doors of Perception by Huxley and I strongly recommend experimentation with varying hallucinogenics.

Dick Cheney is lying to you. Halliburton lies to you. McDonald's and big tobacco and the oil companies lie to you. Your mother lied to you when she told you that you were a unique, little snowflake.

George W. lies to you the same way Reagan lied to you-he's surrounded by men that are corrupt in their very hearts and don't even realize the lives they destroy. George W. will have a terrible fit on consciousness on his death bed, just as I'm sure Reagan did in between the dimensia. They will realize that they have been vain in their hearts to assume that they would be the generation to preside over the Armaggedon, and if there is one thing that He doesn't tolerate, it is the vainglory of his "chosen" leaders. Am I the only one that has read the story of King David, the shepherd who slew the Philistine warrior and sent Uriah the Hittite to his death so that he may take his wife Bathsheba into his concubine?

So in response to Magnum's trite posting (no wonder no one has posted) I say that yes, some communication would be nice, but until we elect Hillary and the Goddess truly rears her head and destroys the vanity of fools, it will continue to be hot and sticky in Middle America and the Middle East
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