Saturday, July 16, 2005

BEHIND THE SCENES: Friday, July 15, 2005

As promised.

Complete behind the scenes photo gallery click here.

Behind the scenes videos:
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*Cast and crew loading up to head to the location.

*Bill and Givani running lines on the way to the set.

*Lara arriving on set.

*Sneak peek on set.


Director's Journal: Back to the ole grind here at EvansAmerica, after a 10 week break, we've hit the ground running with the resumption of production on webisode #5. Cast and crew met at my place about 6pm and loaded up into vehicles to make the trek out to the lake house location on the Platte River. A very hot night as the cast sat out back running lines as we worked for about two hours on our lighting setup inside. Which proved to be difficult because the sun was still up so we had to use some guess work in how it was going to look as we set the lights in place. We took our time, used all six of our lights, using up both light kits and we even lit some plants in the background with existing lamps. The setup turned out very good indeed, I was very pleased. About 9pm it was getting dark enough to start tweaking our colors and levels and we brought the cast in and went over blocking. After two run throughs we were ready to start rolling film and off we went. The cast was very solid, and didn't miss a beat, they seemed unaffected from the hiatus and got right back into their characters. We shot an impressive 7.5 pages of the script and wrapped about 1am, which was right on time. It took us about 45 minutes to tear down and about 2am we were loaded up and heading back to Omaha. A great start back, I don't think it could have gone any better.

Branden Maslonka's Cast Diary (Paul):
Ah yes, starting with the shooting again. It feels good to get back, and I think we all need to knock some rust off ourselves. It was nice having Bill on set for the first shoot because he really does bring an air of distinguished to the set. Everyone gets pumped when he's on set because we pretty much know that we are in for a money scene. Of course Bill was flawless (as usual) and the rest of us got into a groove after a while. The lighting for the scene was flawless, I honestly think it is one of Dan's bestest lighting jobs that I have seen. They did a really good job of recreating a sunset coming through the window. On another note it seems as though we are getting more and more hits on the website everyday, this is very exciting to me because that means that more and more girls are seeing my pretty pretty face. Seriously though, it is awesome that more people are seeing and being exposed to the message that we are trying to portray. So to all of you that read this I say thank you for supporting us, and continue to check the website for new episodes and behind the scene footage. If you have something to say, let your voice be heard on the blogs, nothing is out-of-bounds. We live in America right? You can supposedly say what you want in this great country without any consequences (we all know this is not true), but I promise that it is true on this website. Don't suppress your mind and opinions, let them be heard. Peace.

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