Monday, July 18, 2005

BEHIND THE SCENES: Sunday, July 17, 2005

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Behind the scenes videos:
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*First shot of the day.

*Setting up the last scene of the weekend.

*Martin wrapped.

Director's Journal:
The final day of the crazy three day lake house weekend, where we were to complete the rest of our scenes at this location, 22 pages all together. That's pretty damn impressive if you ask me. We were a little late getting the first shot off, but once we finally did we were off and running until we wrapped a little after 10pm just as a thunderstorm rolled through. It was close, we were constantly barely getting shots in under the wire all day, it was chaotic, but God was on our side even if the dumbass people in Cedar Creek were not. Clouds rolled in about mid-afternoon for the first time in weeks, which was fine as we shot the first half of a scene outside, but then we had to wait for Lara to complete her transformation into whore-DeeDee. Not her fault, but the clouds appeared to be on their way out and I had to keep yelling inside that our scene was about to be effed, since it was the second half of the scene and it had to match what we had already shot. And Branden has already wrapped and went home so we could not reshoot the first part. Shit. We hurried Lara outside and shot two takes before the sun came out, but there appeared we were going to be saved by a few straggler in the distance. This gave us time to calm down and rehearse more and be ready to go when the sun went behind the clouds again and we were able to get a few more really good takes in before mr. sun came back out. Next was a rooftop sunrise scene being faked at sunset. We caught a wide sillouette shot right at the perfect moment, the sun literally set on screen during the shot. We had to pull out the 1ks after that to fake sunlight to get our closeups. We finished the day with a night scene I was looking forward too where Deana is sitting on the dock sipping a drink and is confronted by Tate and they have a heated conversation. Martin and Givani were just rock solid, I mean really good stuff. They only got one closeup each because of the approaching storm. The wind started to pick up as I jumped in the paddle boat with Tyson again and boated out a bit for our wide. Lightening was blasting in the sky in the distance and the wind was rocking the boat as they finished the take, we called a wrap and scramble to tear the lights down and get inside and loaded up just as the rain started. Literally as I turned the keys on head back to Omaha. Like, I said, that was close. Big props to the entire cast and crew that worked their ass off, dailies look just incredible and if the second half of the scenes go just as well, this will be by far a stellar webisode.

Lara Adkin's Cast Diary (Dee Dee):
Martin and I were supposed to meet at 11:30am in Omaha and drive out the cabin together, since everyone else was already out there and Martin wasn't sure of the way. However, in retrospect, it probably wasn't Director Dan's brightest idea to have the two people who are ALWAYS late drive together. Since at 11:35 I was just pulling out of my driveway, and when I called Martin to let him know I'd be late, he said he, too, had just left. So we got to the cabin at about 12:30 instead of noon like we were supposed too. But everyone did a great job and everything seemed to be going well, until it was time to shoot my whored-out scene. Apparently I took too long to get ready and Director Dan was getting quite testy. And then when I finally WAS ready I kept flubbing my lines or delivering them so badly that Dan felt the need to do a ten-minute one-on-one with me (note to self: do not be surprised if Dee is written out of the show soon). And then a car would stop and ask for directions. And then an airboat would scream by. And then scream by again two minutes later. And then it would be quiet and we'd start to shoot and the airboat would drive by again. But against all odds, we got it done. Barely. On the plus side, though, I had expected to be out there until 11pm, and I got done just after 9! Yay Dan!

*in white-trash drawl*

"if i keep drivin around this here part of the lake, are there some, er, nicer houses? i mean, i have this lawnmowin business and we have clients on some of them other lakes so i'm just tryin to get some more work, ya know? *annoying chuckle* "

(10 minutes later)

"do you know if i stay on this here road if it takes me to lakes 4 & 5?"
"this is lake 4 and you just passed lake 5"
"oh, well cause i'm just looking for some more work for my lawn mowin business--"

oh for the love of god! listen jonny lawnmowingbusiness... don't mind us, we're not trying to get an important shot before the sun comes back out or anything!

U guys R a riot.
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