Thursday, July 07, 2005

Bombing innocent people is so two years ago

So those crazy bastards are at it again, bombing London this time. Good thing we have been fighting that two year war in Iraq over there so they we don't have to over here in our cities...oh wait...oops. I just have one question for the Islamic exremists, what is your end game? I mean WTF, you effing jerkfaces. You can blow people up, we get it.

But America went ahead and elected Bush because Kerry wouldn't know what to do in the aftermath of another terrorist attack, so what now? Do we just pick another random country to invade?

Two things really pissed me off today, first off the people who did this, you assholes, but I mean it's London, those people are tough as shit and have been through worse than this. The second and I don't usually do this, but the panel on Fox News 'Special Report with Brit Hume'. Their "fair and balanced" panelists were really struggling to hide their glee, it was sickening. They went on and on about how this attack was going to boost Bush's poll numbers and bring the public back around on Iraq and push the Patriot Act through and put an end to the nonsense of cracking down on global warming and combating aids, debt and poverty in Africa that was top on the agenda at the G8 Summit. Yes, good thing with one terrorist attack we quickly drop all the progress we had planned for the world. That's not letting the terrorists win at all.

Well first of all...what the hell were you expecting? ha ha It's state tee vee. It's Al Jazera...American Style. Those assholes scream with glee everytime someone gets killed in the name of the Bush agenda. People like you realize that terrorist actually HELP the Bush administration. Wish the rest of the masses (the masses are asses) would figure it out. Preferably before we unload on Iran. All in the name of "freedom" (re:Haliburtion rebuild dollars) of course.
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Nice rhyme with "Masses and Asses" in your statement. Are you blonde? I know dumb question, although it seems appropriate in this case
You know who are asses? People who post anonymously.
Actually Anon..."The Masses are Asses" is a well know slogan of the Republican party when explaining their campaign strategy to insiders. Oh and did I add...Fuck off coward? That doesn't rhyme..but it seems appropriate in your case.

That's what they call a bitch slapping that you just received. Don't worry the stinging pain will subside with time.
Where is this web series going? It has wanna be's talking about shit noone is picking up? With the language and such I'm embarrased for you all involved.
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