Monday, July 11, 2005

Going, going gone

This could be my last chance to ever link this site in a timely way. Sheer brilliance.

And as much as I'd love to countdown the days to the Karl Rove farewell tour (re: What ever place they throw people found guilty of treason), I don't think that's on the immediate horizon.

Why, you ask? Because Karl Rove is an evil genius. Evil isn't quite the word I'm looking for, but it's the equivalent of Inspector Gadget finally breaking into the evil lair of Dr. Claw and finding the dummy hand connected to a bomb.

The guy won't get punished. There is no accountability in this administration. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if he was G-dub's pick to replace Sandra Day O'Connor. That is the pattern, right? Some act of gross incompetence then a promotion? Granted, after playing Svengali to the President of the United States, Supreme Court justice is actually a demotion.

This is sounding a lot more venomous than I'm intending. I have to be clear. Karl Rove is a facinating character to me. Here's a guy, that doesn't really do anything except be a total dick, but still leave himself enough wiggle room to not have anything stick to him. He's like Lex Luthor. I'm not saying that anyone on the other side of the aisle is even Jimmy Olsen at this point, but Rovey is, in my mind, a super villian.

Don't get me wrong, I totally think harsh punishment is in line. I'm just not holding my breath while the powers that be are the powers that be. Whatever, it's still two-weeks off-message, which is two weeks closer to Lame Duck.

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