Monday, August 01, 2005

BEHIND THE SCENES: Sunday, July 31, 2005

Director's Journal:
Today we were at the club "Shag" to film some bar scenes from the fifth webisode. I had never been there, Parks had scouted and negotiated the location, but I was very impressed, it's quite different and very colorful. Kind of a half vintage half upscale dance club mix that was quite unique. We picked the couch area I want to use as our main setup and off we went setting up the dolly and lights. Being in a bar setting, I was able to use some funky colors through combinations of gels, and we lit up the glass bar rack behind the action as well which looked very cool. It was an old school today as well as Melanie Connealy (formerly Gillis) from that old blockbuster "The Dean's Boys" made her debut in our show today. And it was fun to work with her again, probably quite a difference from the last time we worked together when she had to fake vomit to death and be carried around pretending to be dead being dropped and stuffed into closets. Newcomer Jeremy Holan also had his first day today and did just an excellent job as the Mayor's son who is the antagonist in this episode. Lara, Mel and Jeremy all worked together very well and scenes came off just as I wanted them too. I also was able to pull off my stylish little slo mo intro for the girls as well even though that needed the most rehearsal to get the dolly timing and their walking speed synced up. We wrapped, tore down and loaded up and as I was getting into the van to drive home, it was exactly 3:00pm which was our scheduled wrapped time. I'm going to say it again folks, it's getting scary how on the dot we're hitting our wrap times. I will say this, the whole cast and crew scheduled for today all arrived within 10 minutes of the 11:00am call time, I think that's a first. So gold stars for all.

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