Thursday, August 04, 2005

BEHIND THE SCENES: Tuesday, Aug. 2, 2005

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Director's Journal:
Our last official production day on webisode #5. We still have a few insert shots to get, but those are always the easy stuff. We ventured out to Ginger Cove lake, about 10 miles outside Omaha to my Uncle's lake house. The location is great and his house is sweet, so I had been waiting to call in that favor and shoot there for a long time now. We had three scenes to shoot totaling 8 1/2 pages. And about six hours to do it in, no pressure, right? Luckily I had the veteran crew trio with me, James, Wendy and Tyson so we moved fluently in between setups. James rode with Chelsie on the way to the location with the camera and got our car shots we needed which saved us time. Our first scene was a pretty simple two page scene and we got through that quickly and moved to our big 4 page scene out on the deck. Great shots overlooking the lake, and the audio wasn't too bad as the boats were sporadic. It was a tough dialogue scene so we needed alot of rehearsal but Chelsie and Janell did a great job once we were rolling. We moved back inside for the last scene of the night and it took us a bit to get the lighting down in the kitchen. Beau had a lot of different little lights in the background which played well in the shots. The funniest story of the night was that Chelsie was getting voicemails from this guy she didn't know, so during a break, she called the guy back who was talking to her like he knew her, but she had no idea who he was or how he got her number. She finally told him to please stop calling, I know all of this because she had turned the speaker phone on so we could all hear, but when she hung up, she didn't actually hang up and we proceeded to make fun of the guy with the phone right there on the counter. I then mocked the anonymous guy when he asked "what are you doing", then in my best Chelsie voice, "oh just on set filming....and it's hot". When all of a sudden, the guy's voice broke through our laughter..."hello?" her phone was speaking! Oh shit, it's still on, he's been hearing everything we've been saying. Needless to say he probably won't be calling again or he will be calling even more because he's joined our neighbors in thinking we're making porn.

Behind the Scenes Video:

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*Filming at Ginger Cove.

Dude, is that Uma Thurman in the first pic???? Crazy resemblance.
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