Wednesday, August 03, 2005

CNN making good on their promise

Well CNN hasn't completely given up on sensational non-news stories like Natalee Holloway and the missing cruise guy, but after the Michael Jackson circus, CNN prez Johnathan Klein made an executive decision that his network would go back to actually doing hard hitting news and in depth journalism regardless of the ratings. We'll see how long it lasts, but I have to say he is actually following through on his pledge. Their coverage in general has been focused on politics, the shuttle mission and other worthy news. Anderson Cooper has really been the one to step up to the plate, he is in the country of Niger filing reports and spending his whole show devoted to what is happening in that country like it is in many other African countries.

Unlike Greta Van Sustren on FoxNews who is supposed to be the one liberal on that network has spent the last 50+ shows, all 60 minutes of each night in Aruba covering the Holloway story. Every second is devoted to this one unfortunate incident. Two to three babies were dying right during Cooper's segments before he could even finish the story. Dying from something that actually CAN be prevented given the resources. Nothing can be done for Holloway, she's dead, and I hope that Vandersloot kid gets life in jail, but come on, nothing has really developed in that story for weeks. It just goes to show that Fox doesn't really give a shit about anything but ratings, I hear Sean Hannity bitch and bitch about Iraq and how the war was worth is because we needed to help the people, and the mass graves. Hey Sean, there's lots and lots of mass graves in Africa, how about we go after that terrible figure, he's not Saddam, he's hunger and aids. Let's get fired up, wave that American flag and kick its ass, whatcha say Sean. Oh that's right, you don't give a shit, you really don't care about the people of Iraq, you just don't want the liberals to be right that the war was based on WMD lies. This is why I can't stand people that are such hypocrites like Hannity and others. If they truly did care they'd spend a segment talking about it, just one show about what people can do for those suffering in Africa. If Iraq is worth all these lives and money, surely other countries are as well.

So watch CNN, go to for your news and read about what's going on in Africa. And most importantly visit a humanitarian site and pledge some money, it's money well spent, just a little bit even helps. I know this is sappy, but whatever, I don't care, it's too important, just please do it. UNICEF and CARE are very good organizations where you can trust your money will make a difference. Thank you.

Spot on, my friend. Fox news is 'Crock' news. But, have you seen that their ratings are falling into the sewer? Last update i checked (about 3 months ago) , they had an average of (drum roll....) about 408,000 viewers. Holy Shithole Batman! Those guys are a bunch of Neo-Con loons and will likely go down when the president does. I think his time is coming soon. I can feel it in my Bleeding heart.
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