Friday, August 19, 2005

Webisode #5 Launches In One Week!

The first season of EvansAmerica will finally continue next Friday, August 26th with the launch of an all new webisode. We're going to put the show up on the site a little earlier than usual, so by mid-afternoon it should be available to download.

To watch the BRAND NEW trailer for EvansAmerica, right click and "save target as" here, to download to your computer.

Webisode #5 "Class Warfare"
When the mayor of Kansas City announces he will unveil his new "poverty reforms" on a local nightly newcast, the group plans to disrupt his gameplan because they feel his proposals are disingenuous. During a weekend getaway put together by Dr. Vallone, they reveal to him the extracurricular activities the group partakes in, much to his surprise. He agrees to help however, and their complicated plan is put in motion, which involves Dee Dee seducing the mayor's son. Tate is none to happy about the arrangement and takes out his anger and jealousy on Deana. Meanwhile in New York, Nikki arrives home for a short visit with her parents only to realize she has really parted ways in her views she used to share with them and that she doesn't seem to fit in anymore.

is it just me, or have the shots really become more beautiful with every webisode?
Definitely more beautiful. I myself have fallen in love with DEE over the last 4 Webisodes. If only i were younger, had more hair, had a better job, was moderately attractive, DIDN'T have a wife...sheesh. I gotta lot of work to do...
Awww, Sole, that's too sweet. :) Thanks so much!
I just watched the 5th webisode! Wow! They just keep getting better! And, Dee, you just keep getting more beautiful. I'm getting hairplugs next week. That's the first step..... 8-)
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